I’m going to start repeating my clothes and not shop as much: Chitragandha Singh

Chitragandha Singh

New Delhi– At the recently held phygital edition of the LFW X FDCI, Chitrangada Singh was the muse for the 6degree #colorsofIndia show for designers Shikha & Srishti. We caught up with the gorgeous actress in a quick tete-e-tete on fashion, travel and what’s on the cards:

Do you enjoy on-ground fashion events and the energy that comes with physical shows and appearances?

Chitrangada Singh: Absolutely I think we all have realised the importance of human interaction especially when I think of doing something with creativity like film sets, shoots and now fashion. It is so important to feed off each other’s energy.

Your thoughts on traditional bridal ensembles?

Chitrangada Singh: Well, I think the most important thing is that the ensemble I wore for the show, even though it was bridal tradition wear, was not over the top and that’s how I like it. Slightly understated, simple, classic.

In the world of fashion celebrity collaborations are replacing celebrity muses, what are your thoughts on that?

Chitrangada Singh: I think it depends. Definitely. I think sometimes you want to bring in your sense of self-style and character to the collection. And I think even for the designer itself, it’s a fresh take you know to collaborate with someone who’s obviously had enough experience involved in the business in the fashion. I think it’s interesting.

What are your travel essentials?

Chitrangada Singh: I really need a really great backpack, which is very easy and it’s not leather and all that, big and heavy. So yeah. Something very light and easy. So a good backpack is extremely important to invest in. Of course, a great pair of shoes is very important and I think it’s always made sense to slip in a pair of heels wherever you travel because you never know.

Sometimes it’s a little formal, so even if you have a pair of jeans and a white shirt or t-shirt and throw on a jacket and a pair of heels, it’s a great fix. Yeah, and a pair of boots that go with everything.

How do you support sustainable fashion?

Chitrangada Singh: I’ve stopped shopping as much as I normally do, even online shopping. This whole idea of consuming so much needs to change. I mean, yes, you can choose a more responsible brand is making good choices and, you know, sort of sourcing and stuff, but at the end of it, it’s about consumers. You know, how important it is to be in high fashion mode, I really think we should talk about this a lot more. It’s okay to repeat clothes. It’s okay, to be seen in the same dress twice a month and it doesn’t mean anything. I think it is extremely important and social media has spiralled everything out of control. I think I’m going to start repeating my clothes and not shop as much. Minimalism is the key.

Do you live in the good hands of your stylist or do you make her life e.?

Chitrangada Singh: I’m a Virgo. It’s a big problem. Things have to be a certain way. I see it, I like it, I wear it. I know I’m very set in my ways. I think I have about 20, black t-shirts, 20 white jeans in my cupboard.

What is an experience in your life that you’re waiting to have?

Chitrangada Singh: I am waiting to go back to Bali.

Your ideal way to unwind, a book, a movie or go to the gym or a night out?

Chitrangada Singh: I really like a good movie and gym. Yeah, just like a good workout and then go grab some popcorn. (IANS)


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