‘Ik Tera Pyaar’ singer Devika’s next comes from her love of diverse music

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Mumbaim– Singer Devika, who rose to fame with rapper Bohemia’s song ‘Ik Tera Pyaar’ in 2009, has dropped a new number titled ‘Kalli Kalli Raati’, which she says is inspired by her love of diverse genres of music.

In conversation with IANS, Devika said: “‘Kalli Kalli Raati’ is inspired by my love of diverse genres of music. One day, it so happened that I found myself listening to Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s songs and then somehow shifted to Bon Jovi. That evening I was inspired to write “Kalli Kalli Raati” and develop it as a pop-rock song.”

“The music video is directed by fashion filmmaker George Masin and I was styled by Ambika who has also been associated with the Bridgerton cast. It was shot in Los Angeles.”

“The mood of the song is that of the protagonist calling out to her lover asking him to come back home, and not to leave her alone in the dark night. It brings out her fear and angst where she wonders if he has forgotten about her.”

She said while the video opens with her singing wearing a black ensemble against a pitch black background, “it gradually moves out of the darkness into the light to a sharply contrasting setting of a vast desert wilderness suggesting that perhaps it is not all hopeless and there is an end to this sadness.”

Since she has collaborated with a variety of artistes, Devika must now be having a list of dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

“The ability to bring together different styles and create something more unique as a result is something I really strive to achieve through collaborations. When I first jammed with Bohemia, our voices and styles coming together and sounded completely unique and different from anything else that existed out there.

“‘Dil’, ‘Ek Tera Pyar’, ‘Beparwah’, and ‘Phir Ek Tera Pyar’ have this magic that keeps listeners coming back for more Devika and Bohemia collaborations.”

She added: “It’s also the other artist’s openness to improvise and experiment – when I collaborated with Amaan & Ayaan Ali Bangash, we tried a lot of ideas until we found something that we all loved, which culminated in Holle Holle.”

“It’s also just the connection with the other artist. When I collaborated with Noor Lodhi, we shared the same appreciation for deep lyrics as is evident in our song Andheri Lagan in the album Saari Raat.” (IANS)



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