I intend to do a single: Rajeshwari Sachdev

Rajeshwari Sachdeva (Photo: Wikipedia)
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By Natalia Ningthoujam

New Delhi– Actress Rajeshwari Sachdev’s song “Hulle hullare” still makes many people hit the dance floor. She followed it up with more songs like “Mukhda piya ka”. Though her acting projects keep her busy, she says she intends to do a single someday.

“Acting is keeping me busy. I also have a son. I also intend to do a single but I am not able to just sit down and get down to it. It will happen. How soon, I don’t know,” Rajeshwari told IANS here.

Going back to the 1990s and early 2000s, she said: “After ‘Hulle hullare’, I wanted to do something else. So, ‘Mukhda piya ka’ came… a soft romantic number. Then I went back to doing a folk song – ‘Lathe di chadar’.”

She feels that now due to the Internet, artistes don’t have to worry about looking for music labels.

“You can even do it in your background,” she said.

She hails social media too. But like most of her fraternity members, she isn’t addicted to it.

“I find it very time consuming. I’d rather do something else. But one cannot undermine it completely. There is a way business works every time. I am proud of kids who can manage everything. They can do something and remember to take a pic.

“When we (she and her husband Varun Badola) went for our honeymoon, we didn’t even take a camera with us. But there is no harm. The market is crowded with so many things. If you have worked and nobody gets to know about it, what’s the fun? So yes, it’s fine,” said Rajeshwari.

She prefers to keep it professional on social media.

“There are days when interesting things happen and you want to talk about it. Doing it everyday? No, I can’t be doing it. That’s a job,” said the National Award winner.

Among various projects, she is seen in the second season of ALTBalaji’s show “Dil Hi Toh Hai”.

Asked about her digital debut, she said: “I don’t go about like, ‘Oh, I have to go and conquer this’. I think this is a new avenue. Anybody sitting anywhere can download it. It’s nice. I am reaching to so many more people… wow.”

“Is it supposed to be good? Yes, because so many people across the world get to watch you. That’s nice.”

The “Sardari Begum” actress plays a grandmother in the show.

“I just sit back and enjoy what unfolds one after the other. It’s a girl-meets-boy situation. It’s the second season and we all loved being together. So, we got onto doing the second season. It wasn’t about who has how much to do in the second season. You were part of season one, it did well. You are part of season 2, you believe in the project,” she said.

Will she return for another season of the show?

“Let’s see,” she said with a smile. (IANS)


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