How to boost your immunity to fight Covid-19

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New Delhi–As the focus shifts to India and its rising number of Covid-19 cases, a new book suggests ways to boost immunity and overcome fear in the fight against the deadly virus.

‘Save your family and self from viruses’ by Shiv Nandan says people have to prepare themselves for the fight against Covid-19 and any other virus by developing immunity, which they can do with exercise and proper diet — the route to good health. The book suggests exercises for all ages, from five-year-olds to the elderly. These, the writer claims, will lead to strengthening the internal organs like the lungs, the heart, the liver, intestines, veins and arteries, the digestive system, the respiratory system, and help in blood purification.

This mysterious disease, besides attacking the lungs can attack the heart, kidneys and the brain as well. It is, in fact, a system-related disease not just a virus attacking the body, to combat which doable exercises have been suggested which would lead to building stamina and some muscle mass, claims the book. Discussed in the book are also details of a diet that will contribute to building immunity.

The result: no viral or bacterial infection has to be feared, including the present scourge Covid-19.

But there are other problems that Covid-19, the invisible enemy, has created because of months of staying indoors and not having much to do: stress and fear. To combat them, simple methods of meditation have been suggested which lead to a calmer state of mind, eliminating fear.

The book says: No infection, viral or bacterial, has to be feared. We cannot allow our lives to be destroyed by them. Instead, be prepared to combat them. And start living the normal happy life we ought to. Without the fear of any infection in our minds. (IANS)



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