Gurinder Chadha’s series ‘Seeker’ is about an Indian guru who courts global fame

Gurinder Chadha. (File Photo: IANS)
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New Delhi–Filmmaker Gurinder Chadha is developing a multi-season drama series that traces the journey of an Indian Guru, from a tiny village to a global stage.

Titled “Seeker”, the show navigates the journey of a man who starts with noble intentions, traces his rise to global fame and how his once simple ashram gradually turns into an empire, soon too complicated for him to handle.

With a “colourful cast of characters and dark, complex layers”, the series is currently under development and a multi-national writers room has been set up for it. It will feature an International and Indian cast, and will be shot at various locations within and outside of India.

“As an international director and producer, I have been inspired to witness the strong appetite that both Indian and global audiences have for original, ambitious, border-crossing drama series,” said Chadha.

“We are thrilled to announce our collaboration. This is an incredible time to tell this particular story, about the faith of the human race in a higher power, and in the telling, to cater to a universal, global sensibility,” said Samir Nair of Applause Entertainment, who have collaborated to bring out the show with Chadha’s Bend It Films & TV and Locomotive Global.

“Together, we are already working to bring together a brilliant team of writers and creators who will help us develop high quality scripts and present this fascinating story to a global audience,” said Sunder Aaron of Locomotive Global. (IANS)


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