Gujarati director Vasant Narkar makes Hindi debut with ‘3rd November’

Vasant Narkar
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Mumbai–Famous Gujarati director Vasant Narkar is making his Hindi film debut with Murder mystery “3rd November”.

Asked about the unusual title, Narkar told IANS: “I kept this title because I wasn’t getting a title for a murder mystery as numerous films have come up. It is a particular day a murderer decides to kill everyone and take revenge. The whole film is a suspense thriller. We thought of numerous titles like ‘Ek Aur’, ‘Aakhir Kyu?’ but it didn’t sound strong enough.”

Vasant Narkar
Vasant Narkar

The cast includes actors, who have either acted in popular serials like “Crime Patrol”, “Savdhan India” or in films in Punjabi or other languages. The main cast includes Kabir Khan, Saheem Khan and Minakshi Bhagat among others.

Narkar has directed Gujarati films such as “Odhani”, “Dikro Maro Vahal No Varasdar”, “The Lady Dabang” among others.

“I am a Maharashtrian, but I was born and brought up in Gujarat, in Ahmedabad, my education also happened in Gujarati, so I write Gujarati well, I have written serials, dramas and even films in Gujarati, I directed numerous films, they did well, so then I thought of writing something in Hindi as well,” he said.

“3rd November” is produced by Pritesh Joshi, under the banner M.K. Media Pvt. Ltd. (IANS)



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