Grooming tips that men can use

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New Delhi– Taking care of hair and skin and feet is important not just for women but for men too. Facial hair should be groomed while getting a haircut, and it is necessary to moisturise your face, says an expert.

Dipali Mathur-Dayal, co-founder at Magnifique, shared a few tips on grooming:

* Skin: Every skin type needs care and if you care about your skin, it can make you look younger by as many as 20 years. However, it’s important to understand the skin type — an expert in a good salon can help you in identifying your skin type and only use products recommended by the experts.

magnifique* Hair: A well-defined haircut straightaway gives impression of being well groomed. It’s recommended that you visit your salon every 2-4 weeks depending on your hair style. Wash your hair every two days and use recommended hair grooming products in a right quantity (if you are not able to define the right quantity, ask your expert, whenever you visit for a haircut).

* Eyebrows: No one in this world looks good with a unibrow but men also don’t look good with too-groomed eyebrows. Men should look manly, a thicker but trimmed eyebrow is the best way. Trimming eyebrows is an art and you would certainly need an artist (expert) who has the required competence.

* Face: If you think men are tough and body soap is okay. No, it’s not okay because body soaps have chemicals that are strong for your face. They will dry out your face and may irritate in some cases. A good face cleanser will leave your skin clean and fresh.

After the face is cleansed, it needs a good moisturiser, a moisturised face always looks good rather than a dry face. Do ensure that your facewash and moisturiser have right ingredients including SPF (in the moisturiser) — an expert’s advice is recommended.

* Facial Hair: Facial hair are the most evident part of men’s personality. Like haircut, well-groomed facial hair gives an impression of a well-groomed man. Depending on your facial hair style, you must visit your salon accordingly. Facial hair should be groomed along with the haircut and then you can follow the timeline for next trimming or shaving given by your stylist.

* Fingers and feet: Grooming of fingers and nails has an aspect of hygiene, so it becomes extremely important that you score perfect on these basic grooming habits. Feet says a lot about the awareness of a man about his body. If you have been ignoring your feet till date, you need to change it, get a pedicure done at least after an interval of three months. (IANS)



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