Great coincidence: Radhika Apte on being ‘omnipresent’ on Netflix

Radhika Apte (Photo: Facebook)
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New Delhi– Actress Radhika Apte, who is being trolled for frequently featuring in the Indian projects of Netflix, doesn’t think her association with the streaming platform has been long and that the three series getting released around the same time was just a coincidence.

Radhika had three releases — “Lust Stories”, “Sacred Games” and “Ghoul” — this year on Netflix.

Radhika Apte (Photo: Twitter)

Twitterati started targeting the “Phobia” actress when the trailer of “Ghoul”, Netflix India’s first horror mini-series, got unveiled in July. One user wrote: “Radhika Apte is to Netflix what Alia Bhatt is to Dharma.”

Asked about her long association with Netflix, Radhika told IANS here: “It has not really been that long. ‘Sacred Games’ was the only series that I knew was a Netflix original series. ‘Lust Stories’ and ‘Ghoul’… when I shot them were not associated with Netflix. So this is just a great coincidence.

“Not just a coincidence, it’s a great opportunity that Netflix came on board and they decided to make it into a mini-series. I am so glad that it is a mini-series and not a film because there are certain things that (director) Patrick Graham really wanted to have in the project which… it was getting difficult because it was a timebound thing because of it being a film and I am so pleased that we could add that and make it into series.”

She feels that for a project like “Ghoul”, it’s better to have the streaming platform on board as it has a wide reach.

“I think it will be appreciated in other places as well as in India. I think it will have a longer life. I am really happy. These three projects coming at a time was just a coincidence,” said Radhika.

Netflix India has also backed her by releasing a spoof video “Omnipresent” online, and captioned it: “Whatever the role, Radhika apt hai.”

In the video, she says: “Vik (‘Ghoul’ producer Vikramaditya Motwane) calls me one day and says that Radhika what if you play every character in this film. That got my attention. Because that is a challenge I cannot turn down.”

The “Radflix” original film “Omnipresent” sees her playing multiple roles. She has also written, directed and given music to the movie.

Netflix India posted another tweet. It read: “‘Pad Man’ is now streaming and we’re not just saying this because Radhika Apte is in it, but yes Radhika Apte is in it.” (IANS)


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