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New Delhi–Many women swear by kohl and believe that their eye make-up is incomplete without that single swipe of the product on the lower eyelid. However, it is a pure misconception that the application of kohl alone can make your eyes brighter and more striking, says an expert.

Manisha Chopra (Photo facebook)
Manisha Chopra (Photo facebook)

Manisha Chopra, co-founder of SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, offers some tips to get the perfect eye make-up by skipping kohl:

* Mascara: Good mascara is every girl’s best friend. Apart from adding length and volume to your lashes, mascara is that final finishing touch you need for bold and beautiful eyes. If worked adroitly on the upper and lower lashes, it totally obviates the need for kajal.

* Eye shadow: Choose from light brown, pink or any nude shade, according to your eye colour and apply the eye shadow on the entire lid. This will make your eyes look brighter, especially when you give kohl a miss. You can also try the smokey effect, which works best on small eyes. If you’re blessed with bigger eyes, make them more impressive by opting for darker shades. Dab the eye shadow gently on the inner corner of your eyes and lids and get that smashing look within minutes.

* Highlighter: Using a highlighter on your eyebrows is great for brightening up the eye area. If you master the technique of applying this magical potion right, you can totally give your kohl pencil a miss. However, some caution needs to be exercised. In case the skin around your eyebrows is not tight enough, avoid highlighters because they can make you look older.

* Eyebrow fillers: For an instant brow-lift, an eyebrow pencil can be used to shade your brows. Choose eye shadow colours like dark brown and mocha to fill your brows. If you are unable to find the right colour, opt for a shade lighter that makes your brows look as natural as possible.

* Eye pencil: An eye pencil is easy to apply and comes in a variety of colours. Ditch the usual black shade and try a dark brown pencil on the lower lash line for a more flattering look. Run a white or golden eye pencil on the rim of your eyes. While white eye pencils are trending and can create a dreamy effect, the golden shade on the upper lash line can add some shimmer and give you a perfect doe-eyed look. (IANS)


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