Gehana Vasisth is being ‘falsely implicated’, claims publicist

Vandana Tiwari
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Mumbai–Actress Gehana Vasisth aka Vandana Tiwari, who has been arrested on allegations of shooting and uploading pornography videos on her website, is being falsely implicated, claimed her publicist.

A statement issued by Gehana’s publicist Flynn Remedios on Sunday evening, claimed that the videos produced and directed by Gehana’s company GV Studios “at most can be classified or categorized as Erotica”.

The statement read: “Gehana Vasisth aka Vandana Tiwari is totally innocent. She is not involved in any porn film racket etc. As the producer and director of her company GV Studios, she has only produced and directed films that are permissible in law and at most can be classified or categorized as Erotica. She is being falsely implicated and trapped or made a victim by vested interests and business competitors who are out to defame her.”

It further said: “We have full faith in the judiciary and the Indian legal system. Unfortunately, Mumbai Police, which is otherwise the best police force in the world has mixed up and clubbed together Gehena’s Erotica film making work with hard porn and hard porn makers in India. There is a legal difference between Erotica or sensual or bold films and hard core porn, but unfortunately, we are really saddened by the fact that the cops have clubbed both together. We hope the courts will identify the difference and give Gehana justice in the coming days.”

“Gehana Vasisth was arrested on Saturday and will be produced in court today,” a senior police official confirmed to IANS on Sunday morning.

Miss Asia Bikini winner Gehana is known for featuring in the Alt Balaji web series Gandii Baat. Apart from this, she has also featured in Hindi and Telugu films and commercials.

The actress has reportedly shot 87 pornography videos, which she uploaded on her website. (IANS)



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