First look of Poorna unveiled on Mount Kilimanjaro

First look of \'Poorna\' unveiled on Mount Kilimanjaro
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Mumbai– Malavath Poorna, a tribal girl from Telangana who came into prominence after becoming the youngest girl in the world to scale Mount Everest two years ago, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to unveil the first look of her biopic “Poorna”.

She achieved the feat and launched the movie’s first poster on India’s Independence Day on Monday evening.

First look of \'Poorna\' unveiled on Mount Kilimanjaro
First look of \’Poorna\’ unveiled on Mount Kilimanjaro

Poorna, along with her trainer Shekhar Babu, went on an expedition to Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro with 17 other girls, to unfurl the national flag there.

The makers of “Poorna” came up with a unique promotional strategy of unveiling the first look of the film by its real-life heroine at the Mount Kilimanjaro Summit.

Poorna began her ascent on August 10 and carried two water-proof posters of her biopic, which is produced and directed by Rahul Bose.

Talking about the strategy, Rahul said: “We got the idea when I heard Poorna was going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and summit on August 15. We thought, what better place than the top of one of the world’s most famous mountains to unveil the first look of a film about the world’s most famous mountain and the tribal girl who conquers it.”

He said the response to this has been super.

“Everybody I’ve spoken to has said it was the perfect way to launch the first look poster of ‘Poorna’. They were also fairly blown away by the originality of the idea. If you ask me, I would say it was a mixture of luck and creative thinking by the team,” he added.

The movie tells the story of how a 13-year-old girl from Telangana created history.


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