Feel like I’m in a twilight zone: Ma Anand Sheela, secretary of the late godman Bhagwan Rajneesh

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Gurugram– Ma Anand Sheela, secretary of the late godman Bhagwan Rajneesh, popularly known as Osho, is in India. She said on Sunday that she had mixed feelings when she came to the country two days ago, but now she feels like she is in a “twilight zone”.

She is here to attend an event with the theme — “Wild Wild Conversation”. As part of the event, filmmaker Karan Johar interviewed Ma Sheela, around her life after Osho, the truth behind her life, and the delay on her visit to India.

During the event, Ma Sheela said: “When I stepped in this country two days back, I had mixed feelings, but right now I feel like I am in a twilight zone. I really feel grateful to have Indian values of love, trust and loyalty imbibed in me. I am proud to be born in this beautiful country. I want to thank Humans for Humanity for inviting me here and Sipping Thoughts for their association with them.”

“One message that I want to give to everyone present here is to be yourself; I am me and will always remain like this. I have learnt to live communal lifestyle from Bhagwan Rajneesh.”

She has no regrets in life. “I have given my full devotion to whatever I did,” she added.

The story of Ma Sheela gained popularity after the success of the documentary “Wild Wild Country” – which charted the growth of Osho’s community from India to setting up a cult in Oregon in the US. It highlighted the role that Ma Sheela played in the growth of the community, and its downfall.

Meeta Gutgutia and Sukirti Gupta, founders of the women-centric platform Sipping Thoughts said: “The main message of the festival was the freedom of self-expression regardless of what people think, or have seen and to give a platform for strong conversations.”

They have plans to organise more interesting and unique conversation festivals in the coming times. Their next event with Ma Sheela is on October 2 here. (IANS)



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