Essential tips for hair care in summer

Manisha Chopra
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New Delhi–Cover up, air dry and don’t forget the conditioner to keep hair shine intact in summer, say experts.

Experts at Advanced Hair Studio and Manisha Chopra, senior consultant, Dermatology, Fortis La Femme, have listed down few tips for you which you can swear by this season.

* Cover up: Cover up your head when you are stepping out of the house, use a scarf to cover and it will save you from damaging your hair from the dust and pollution outside causing dull hair.

Manisha Chopra (Photo facebook)

* Don’t wash too much: We tend to wash our hair too frequently than it is required owing to the greasy, itchy scalp. But be careful not to do it too much since it can lead to dry scalp and your hair may lose its natural oils and moisture.

* Air dry: During summer, avoid using hair dryers or styling products since the weather is already adding on to the fuzziness and dryness of your hair. Let your hair dry naturally in order to have healthy shiny hair.

* Eat right and stay hydrated: Eating right works well for a healthy body and mind but also for our hair especially in summers. Eat fruits and vegetables with high water content, fibre content like melons, carrots and spinach and drink plenty of water to keep them hydrated as well as shiny from root to tip.

* Use a moisturising shampoo during summers to prevent hair drying, and don’t forget to use a conditioner.

* If you colour your hair, don’t do it at short gaps as it damages hair.

* Don’t leave oil in hair for too long as it can give rise to folliculitis or hair root infections.



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