Esha Deol Takhtani: I’m the first author in our family

Esha Deol (Photo courtesy: StarsUnfolded)
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By Ahana Bhattacharya

Mumbai– Actress-turned-author Esha Deol Takhtani is super excited about her first book “Amma Mia!”, which narrates her experiences as a mother. Mother of two daughters, Radhya and Miraya, Esha has penned her motherhood experience in the book.

“I feel happy that I could culminate my entire feelings and thoughts and create this beautiful book which is purely a gift from me to all the mothers. I’m feeling happy to have added another feather in my hat. Besides being an actor and a dancer, I am now an author,” said Esha.

The actress revealed that her daughters inspired her to write this book which will act as a guide for new mums. “I’d say both my daughters Radhya and Miraya have been my inspiration. It was mainly the things that I went through, especially during the first experience of motherhood. There are so many things that a woman experiences and it was something that I really felt like sharing. There were so many hurdles which I was able to overcome beautifully by the grace of God and my sheer will power,” she said.

“Just the fact that it’s your baby, you got to take charge of everything and call the shots and don’t listen to the one million people or the voices in your head, it’s purely motherly instinct that works. I think all that put together created Amma Mia! as a book,” added Esha.

Esha further revealed that when she started penning the book, she was pregnant with her second daughter and it was mostly in the night when she got time to write the book. But she didn’t find the experience difficult.

“Easy and difficult are a part and parcel of everything you take up in life, whether it’s a film, a dance show, a job or writing a book. It took me almost over a year to write this book. It is honestly a very beautiful experience for me. It didn’t look at it as difficult because I was really enjoying it and this was something I really wanted to do from the heart,” informed the “Cake Walk” actress.

The book has it foreword written by none other than veteran actress Jaya Bachchan and Esha expressed her gratitude for it. She said: “Who better than Jaya Bachchan ji to write the foreword for my book. I am extremely fond of her, I love her, I have immense respect for her as a woman, as a mother, the way she has brought up her children and as a human being. She is a beautiful person and I am extremely fond of her.”

The book has chapters where the author has mentioned how her mother Hema Malini would deal with her as a kid. Shared Esha: “My mom was extremely happy with the fact that I am writing a book on motherhood. She was very excited and glad that in our family I am the first author. She is really looking forward to reading this book because there is so much about her, her daughters and her grandchildren in it. The book mentions how mom was with me as a child and there are a certain things which she has spoken of in the book.”

Esha has dedicated the book to her late pet dog Picola, who made her feel motherly instincts for the first time and who she misses till now. “Amma Mia!” hits bookstores on March 23. (IANS)



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