Easy ways to get glowing skin for festive season

Reema Arora
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New Delhi–Maintain a balanced diet, include fresh vegetables into your diet and wash your face at least twice daily to get glowing skin for Diwali, says an expert.

Reema Arora, Medical Head Facial Aesthetic, Cocoona Centre of Aesthetic Transformation, has shared a few tips on skincare:

Reema Arora
Reema Arora

*Eat fresh vegetables and fruits always, no matter the season or your schedule. This keeps your essential supply of vitamins intact and also keeps the bowel movement good, contributing to general health and good skin.

*Make sure that you remove your make-up and cleanse and moisturise your skin well before going to bed. Residual make-up often causes break-outs and can harm the skin.

*Wash your face at least twice a day with a gentle, foaming face wash to avoid dust from sticking to your skin. If it is not possible for you to keep a face wash with you, then keep facial wipes that suit your skin and use them often to wipe clean your face.

*For oily skin, regular exfoliation is essential to keep it soft and unblock pores. Use a grainy scrub to remove excess oil and blackheads from your skin. This will keep the upper layer of the skin healthy, prevent acne, and keep it glowing.

* Along with a balanced diet, follow a good exercise regime, yoga, and physical activity that will help you build strength, and immunity, de-stress your body and mind and increase blood circulation to the skin and scalp.

*Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water. This will also help flush out toxins from the body and skin that accumulate due to our faulty eating habits.

*Use rosewater and fuller’s earth (multani mitti) to prepare a face pack at least once every week. This helps tighten the skin and pores and acts as a toner and calming agent for stressed out skin.

*Apply tomato juice on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing it off. This helps make the skin clearer and more radiant.

*Under eye skin is another sensitive area of the face that needs to be taken care of; leave cucumber pieces on your eyes for a few minutes to calm the stressed out skin.


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