Dubai-based Indian expat beats compatriot to death

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Dubai– A Dubai-based Indian expat has been charged with assault after beating a compatriot to death over a dispute, a city court heard.

On Sunday, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the Indian victim was under the influence of alcohol when a fight broke out in a shared accommodation in International City in August, reports Gulf News.

According to court records, the victim’s mother called his friend to check on him as he had not contacted her for few days.

When the friend went to check, he found the victim lying dead on a bed.

According to preliminary investigations, he had died three days before the body was discovered.

Four witnesses living in the apartment testified that the victim hardly ever left his room and that he was always under the influence of alcohol.

The 31-year-old Indian defendant told the court that he was assigned by the owner of the apartment to collect rents from the tenants.

The defendant admitted that on the day of the incident, inspectors were searching residential units to catch violators who had rented out their apartments illegally.

“The defendant claimed that the victim was under the influence of alcohol and insulted him. The defendant got angry before kicking and punching the victim several times until he fell unconscious,” Gulf News quoted an Emirati policeman as saying in the court.

The defendant then put the victim’s body on the bed and left.

Medical reports revealed that the victim died as a result of the assault, which caused internal bleeding in his brain. (IANS)


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