Divorced, but not defeated

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Book-I haveBOSTON – It is not uncommon for those who experience the anguish and strife of divorce to feel as if their lives are ending. Many divorcees believe it is too late to start anew, but Certified Divorce Recovery Coach Pauline Robertson finds the opposite to be true.

Upon learning of her husband’s affair, Robertson decided to discover new happiness. In I Have Worn Both Pairs of Shoes she leaves her life in Massachusetts to move to Southern California in order to heal and begin her new life.

Robertson writes about how she used her newfound freedom and independence to travel the world, to learn about herself, and to reflect. This reflection leads her to discover her biggest question – why men choose to have affairs.

What begins as an open dialogue between Robertson and an acquaintance soon takes her down a path she could not have foreseen. In order to learn why men have affairs Robertson chooses to partake in an affair of her own.

“My road to independence led me to find answers about who I was and what I wanted out of life,” Robertson said. “But, one question remained that I could not answer on my own. My new independence gave me the strength to cross that line and finally learn the truth.”

Robertson spent 30 years in the beauty industry; this is where she first discovers her passion for helping people feel more confident. Seven years into her marriage the truth came out about her husband’s affair with a younger woman. Instead of being bitter and accepting the divorce as the beginning of the end, Robertson chose to discover an independence she never knew.

“Divorce can be a time in your life where things seem unstable and allow you to feel insecure,” Robertson said. “But, it can really be a time to reinvent yourself and rediscover who you are.”

Robertson is now a Life Coach in Massachusetts, where she continues to work with individuals struggling with their transition after divorce.


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