Declare cow national animal, says Rajasthan High Court

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Jaipur– The Rajasthan High Court on Wednesday said the cow should be declared a national animal.

“Keeping in mind Articles 48 and 51A(g) of the Constitution and to provide legal entity for their proper protection and conservation of cow, it is expected from the government that cow is declared a national animal,” Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma said in a 145-page order.

The judge gave a ruling relating to the Hingoniya Gaushala of Jaipur.

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The court said India was a predominantly agriculture-based country where animal husbandry played an important role.

The judge appointed the Chief Secretary and the Advocate General of Rajasthan in loco parentis (custodians) for the protection and conservation of cows.

These officials will work for the protection and conservation of cows and to declare cow a national animal, the ruling said. (IANS)



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