Choosing right skincare products

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New Delhi– Today, we are exposed to a gazillion beauty product launches every now and then. The cosmetic industry is ever-changing and always gives us something new to wish for.

But how much thought do we actually put in before buying the skincare product for ourselves? You should always pay attention to the products and their ingredients. Choosing products from a company with a reputable line of products can be helpful, since each component may be designed to work in conjunction with the others. You can also be assured of the products’ quality and may better be able to predict how your skin will react to trying a different product in the same line.

Skin is one of the largest organs of the body. Because of this, caring for your skin can directly affect your overall health. Your skin acts as a protective shield and is most vulnerable to outside elements. It’s affected by more factors than you may think. In addition to this, your health also affects your choice of skincare products and vice-versa.

Nandeeta Manchandaa, Founder of ENN shares the whys and hows:

Let’s talk Vitamins: Your body needs all essential vitamins for proper functioning and if any vitamin is a miss, then effects show on your skin too. Like- dark spots, pigmentation are often seen on people with melanin issues, or even in pregnant ladies. So Vitamin-C rich products are the go-to to combat this issue.

Baby on the way: Another major health factor that influences your skin care product selection is — pregnancy! Pregnant women undergo 360-degree change internally and externally while their hormones are at their peak — it gives way to allergic reactions, limitations of using certain products/ ingredient applications too. They are advised to stay away from Retinol (found in all anti-ageing creams), Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acids (for face washes and cleansers) Essential oils (are the base for any serum, facial oils) So better to opt for clean and natural products as substitutes for the same.

PCOD/PCOS: Thanks to the sedentary lifestyle and long working hours, one health issue in women that has been on the rise is PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovary Disorder) and PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) Hormonal imbalances coupled with weight issues show their effect on skin too. A majority of women suffer from symptoms like cystic acne, excessively oily skin and scalp, open pores, blackheads/whiteheads, dark spots, dark patches to name a few. In this case, choosing products that will not irritate your skin or aggravate inflammation is your best bet. Avoid products with cocoa butter, isopropyl myristate, oleic acid lanolin, and butyl stearate. Chlorophenols are used as preservatives in cosmetics and have been linked to acne so these too must be avoided.

This is why we see the trend of clean beauty, Vegan beauty and herbal products flooding the markets because they claim to be free from all the nasties and let you get the maximum benefit of skin care products without any guilt.



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