Chhibber Talks About Healing Relationships Through Energy Medicine and Vaastu Shastra at Women’s Forum

Seated from left to right: Dr. Manju Sheth, Dr. Sapna Aggarwal and Dr. Deepa Jhaveri; Standing left: Dr. Chander Kapasi)
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BURLINGTON, MA—Investigative journalist-turned Energy Healer and Vaastu consultant Kavita Chhibber on Sunday presented an interactive lecture entitled “Healing Relationships Through Energy Medicine and Vaastu Shastra” at Women’s Forum of the Indian Medical Association of New England, known as IMANE.

Kavita Chhibber
Kavita Chhibber

Chhibber’s talk began with a brief explanation of sources of stress and psychological ailments with data gathered from the US Census Bureau and reports from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Chhibber tied these reports and data to energetic imbalances, both within people as well as their homes and workplace. Using energetic techniques rooted in Vedic literature, including Pranic healing, Astrology, Reiki and Vaastu Shastra, she gave an overview of these modalities along with her own personal observations in nearly 30 years of training and practice.

Vaastu Shastra is the ancient system of optimization of space, architecture and design.

The physicians were engaged throughout the three-hour session, asking questions and attempting to experience energetic exchanges, with Chhibber demonstrating techniques and tips throughout.

“Attendees walked away with a more thorough understanding of the many complementary and holistic modalities that can aid patients in healing and achieving more enduring healthy outcomes,” Chhibber said.

Seated from left to right: Dr. Manju Sheth, Dr. Sapna Aggarwal and Dr. Deepa Jhaveri; Standing left: Dr. Chander Kapasi)
Seated from left to right: Dr. Manju Sheth, Dr. Sapna Aggarwal and Dr. Deepa Jhaveri; Standing left: Dr. Chander Kapasi) Photo credit: Razia Boston

Imane Women’s Forum Meeting was held on Sunday at Burlington Library in Burlington, MA. Dr Deepa Jhaveri is the Chair and Dr Manju Sheth is the Co-Chair of Women’s Forum. The event was attended by physicians and their friends. Dr. Sapna Aggarwal is the IMANE President.

“The audience learnt about how stress & depression is causing dysfunctional relationships and healing by using energy. Interactive session was very well received,” said Dr. Jhaveri. “The energy medicine was definitely something new and interesting for many physicians and sparked interest to learn more. Vaastu Shastra was another interesting topic regarding its effect on relationships etc.”

Dr. Sheth said that the world of medicine has changed.

“We have to all work together and learn from each other so that we are not just treating patients but taking much needed vital steps in healing them,” said Dr. Sheth. “As Indians ,we are so blessed to have the gift of ancient wisdom including Ayurveda and Vaastu.Kavita Chhibber has spent years studying it. It was wonderful to spend some time in a cozy informal setting on a Sunday afternoon to learn from her in an interactive session.”

IMANE President Dr. Aggarwal said the forum meeting this year was a success.

“It was a great team effort with Chair Dr. Deepa Jhaveri and Co-Chair Dr Manju Sheth pitching in to make the event successful,” Dr. Aggarwal said. “People had a great time getting educated while networking with their fellow physicians during afternoon tea and snacks.”

Women’s Forum meetings are not restricted to IMANE members only but to all women physicians. Women doctors have always played a very important role in IMANE. For the last several years IMANE has been led by women doctors. Historically, IMANE has had an informal woman’s group for several years. Originally the women’s group was launched over 10 years ago but was given a formal structure in 2008.


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