Canada’s dancing Sikh has bhangra therapy to beat sub-zero cold!

Gurdeep Pandhar (Photo: IANS)
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Yukon– A Canadian Sikh has gone viral, and not surprisingly it is bhangra that has made him a darling of social media.

Gurdeep Pandhar, a native of Yukon, Canada, has been regularly posting videos of himself, dancing outdoors in the snow, amidst temperatures ranging between �20 and �25 degrees Celsius. His videos have inspired many, especially those who don’t like excessive cold weather.

Recently, Pandhar posted a dancing video after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, and the clip went viral again.

Last month in an interview with the local Canadian organisation CBC, Pandhar, a bhangra teacher by profession, said he only wanted to spread positivity through his videos.

“Once we wholeheartedly love doing something outdoors every day, I think cold winter months start to look delightful. I love winters from my core. I get excited during fall times when I know winter is coming soon, and every year I wish it would stay longer than it does. Why do I feel like this? Because Bhangra is my outdoor love in winters, and I enjoy doing it again and again,” he said in the interview.

“Bhangra is a high-energy dance. It keeps me warm and positive. The dance movements create warm energy in the body, which keep the core heated even in sub-zero temperatures,” he added. (IANS)


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