Buffalo worth Rs 14 crore in Pushkar Fair, monthly food expense Rs. 1.45 lakh

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Jaipur–A Murrah buffalo, weighing around 1,300 kg and worth Rs 14 crore has grabbed the spotlight in Pushkar Fair that commenced with cultural activities and offering of prayers in Rajasthan’s Ajmer city.

The buffalo named ‘Bheem’, showcased among 5,000 animals, is owned by a Jodhpur based Jawaharlal Jangeed. Last year, ‘bheem’ weighed 1,200 kg and the valuation stood at Rs 12 crore at the annual fair.

Arvind Jangeed, son of Jawaharlal Jangeed, said that the buffalo consumes 1 kg ghee, 1/2 kg butter, 25 litre milk, 1 kg cashew nuts and almond that amounts to a monthly expense of Rs 1.5 lakh on its regular diet.

He further said that before coming to this fair, they had got an offer of Rs 14 crore for the purchase of this buffalo. “However, we are not ready to sell Bheem. We have brought it here to give a message of preserving and conserving Murrah breed of buffaloes. It has been participating in the Pushkar fair for the last two years,” he added.

Pushkar Fair, which began on November 4, is a renowned livestock annual fair where cattle are brought for sale and purchase. Over the years, this fair has become a cultural festival too where thousands of international tourists flock to glimpse into the cultural beauty of Rajasthan.


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