British Council’s open call seeks Indo-UK creative collaborations to mark India’s 75th anniversary of Independence

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New delhi– India-UK Together 2022 programme is British Council’s newest announcement celebrating and promoting artists in both countries. The programme marks India’s 75th anniversary of Independence in 2022- 2023, and invites Indian Arts organisations, festivals and institutions to collaborate with their UK counterparts and co-create a production for the India-UK 2022-2023 season.

The institute is deeply entrenched into the Indian Arts ecosystem and is committed to ensuring that partners, artists, and audiences in India have access to arts and cultural connections with the UK. In India, the British Council continues to provide dynamic opportunities for artists and creative sectors during a difficult and unpredictable time through skilling, networking and monetary support promoting educational opportunities and cultural relations.

Grants will be awarded to collaborative and co-created arts and culture project proposals that offer positive opportunities to co-develop cross-cultural creative collaborations, skills and knowledge exchange and new artistic work with scope to tour? in India in 2022- 2023.

A total of four grants to the tune of INR 25 million will be awarded to projects highlighting collaborations between India and the UK.


Projects to explore the key cross-cutting theme ‘Together’ — addressing shared global challenges through the lens of digital innovation, environmental sustainability, equality, diversity, and inclusion principles, gender equality, accessibility and empowering young leaders of the future and investigate the following sub-themes:

* Science, Arts and Heritage in times of change — exploring one of these areas or the intersection

*Arts Festivals — bringing together artists and performance companies with festivals in India to perform and present, working together to drive the enterprise economy through spotlighting culture and creativity


Grants are offered to applicants in all art forms: theatre, dance, visual arts, literature, film, music, architecture, design, fashion, tech-art and new media art. Inter- and cross-disciplinary practices are encouraged (IANS)


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