Bostonian Dhriti Aiylam Writes Her First Novel “Double-Edged,” Taking Readers on an Action-Packed Journey

Dhriti Aiylam
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BOSTON– Mascot Books announced the release of Double-Edged by Dhriti Aiylam, a freshman at Northeastern University. Double-Edged is her first novel.

“My book is a young adult fantasy novel. It’s the story of two girls in their late teens who come from very different backgrounds– one is a princess while the other is a farm girl,” Ms. Aiylam told INDIA New England News. “They are pulled into opposite sides of a conflict, and the story revolves around the conflict from their different perspectives.”

What inspired Ms. Aiylam to write the book?

“I’ve always loved creative writing, and the summer before sophomore year I went to India to visit my family. I had a lot of time on my hands so I just decided to do some casual writing, but I got into a flow and it eventually turned into a book,” said Ms. Aiylam, who last year was inducted into INDIA New England News’s Outstanding 20 Under20.

Ms. Aiylam always loved stories and had wanted to be a writer since elementary school. She has pursued her passion ever since, not only writing stories but branching out to other areas like critical reviews and editorials as well. In addition to writing, she loves to watch movies, read, draw/paint, and of course, sleep.

About the novel

Double-Edged is a thrilling novel that follows the paths of two very different individuals; Princess Kerra, a young woman of royalty and wealth; and Lavenderra, a lonely farm girl. Despite their very different worlds, their paths entwine when they are both pulled into a conflict between old enemies in a faraway empire.

With a beautifully intricate plot and plenty of action and suspense, Double-Edged is the perfect read for teens and adults alike.

Ms. Aiylam wrote Double-Edged, her first novel, at age 14 and worked on it all throughout high school. Now a freshman at Northeastern University.

To learn more about Dhriti and Double-Edged, visit .


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