Books This Weekend: Bad guys, teen woes, Karma

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New Delhi– Flick through a funny and naughty story about bad guys, know the interesting experiences of a teenager in the voice of one, understand the doctrine of Karma in relation to your life, and read about the struggles and exploits of the art society.

The IANS bookshelf offers some very interesting fictional and non-fictional reads this weekend.

bad-guys1. Book: The Bad Guys Episodes 1 and 2; Author: Aaron Blabey; Publisher: Scholastic; Pages: 274; Price: Rs 590

Mr. Wolf, Mr. Shark, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha are bad guys. Everybody knows that. They’re scary and dangerous as well. But these guys want to be heroes. And they are going to prove it by doing good deeds. Whether you want them to or not. Buckle up for the funniest, naughtiest and the coolest book you will ever read. It’s time to meet the bad guys.

2. Book: Seventeen Takes; Author: Naima Kalra Gupta; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 134; Price: Rs 195

“Seventeen Takes” is a mix of fiction and non-fiction about everything a teenager experiences. These experiences range from growing up to formulating a self-identity to realising who you are. Written by a 17-year-old, this is a coming-of-age book but not in a traditional sense. It’s not about heartbreak or enduring friendships or alcohol and partying. It’s about the self, the war that wages within all of us.

Figuring out what to do with one’s life, lamenting the loss of innocent childhood, coming to terms with changing beliefs and ideals, and developing new ideas are themes that feature prominently in this collection. Simple yet poignant, fiercely individualistic yet easily relatable, “Seventeen Takes” is a book that will resonate with everyone on the cusp of adulthood.

3. Book: Karma Sutra; Author: Hingori; Publisher: Hingori Sutras; Pages: 153; Price: Rs 295

The meaning of the word “Karma” is known only superficially, and yet it is an embedded code which shapes the trends of our destiny and accounts for the happening of most of the events of our lives. The book defines the Karmic Code in an easy-to-understand fashion. It helps you understand the doctrine of Karma in relation to your life. It spells out a set of recommended dos and don’ts that you should practise in order to improve your Karmic wealth.

This book talks about the types of Karma, Karmic laws, and the resulting profits and losses, Karmic assets and liabilities, generation of Karmic wealth, carving out a better future, serving ancestors and finally willing your wealth to yourself. The pages are limited, the content unlimited.

4. Book: Kalyug; Author: Anurag Tripathi; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: ; Price: Rs 295

When Jay Malhotra, a banker, sets out on an adventure to manipulate the unregulated art market of the Navaratnas, he unknowingly sets into motion a chain of events that have the potential to destroy the very foundation of the art industry in India.

Set against the backdrop of the transformation of the art society in India into an industry, “Kalyug” follows the struggles and exploits of Jay as he navigates through the mercurial world of art, dominated by its nexus of powerful dealers, experts and gallery owners. With a 360 degree overview of this now booming industry, “Kalyug” is a fast-paced thriller that will leave you wanting for more. (IANS)


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