Bookends: Tips to boost confidence, heal common illness and a dose of reality

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Do you often underestimate your abilities? Have you been a victim of fat-shamming and racism? Here’s a book that guides you on how to boost your confidence. Then, there’s one on why women need to raise their voice against social injustice and trolling.

There’s also a doctor’s mini guidebook on medical tips for common illnesses; and a former journalist’s quest to find the truths through storytelling. The IANS bookshelf has much to offer this weekend.

Book-The Success Code1. Book: The Success Code; Author: John Lees; Publisher: Hachette; Price: Rs 399; Pages: 213

How would one feel to be known as the go-to person? What if you could dramatically increase your chances of getting noticed? John Lees shows you how to achieve success from handling relationships to professional networking.

The book guides you on how to find an authentic voice, acquire influence skills and use positive psychology to develop confidence and focus.

2. Book: Shrill; Author: Lindy West; Publisher: Hachette; Price: Rs 499; Pages: 260

Taking a frank and unapologetic look at the most provocative issues, from social injustice to racism, fat-shamming, trolling and even the rape culture, Lindy West’s latest book is ferociously witty and outspoken.

The book presents unpalatable truths with conviction, intelligence and a large dose of West’s black humour – proving that keeping quiet is not an option for women.

3. Book: The Pocket Doctor; Author: Dr. Anila Chandy; Publisher: Viva Books; Price: Rs 295; Pages: 140

Don’t have time to visit your doctor? Want to know what your health problem is? Written by a physician, Dr. Anila Chandy, the book is a practical guide for everyone that helps the reader understand various symptoms and how to deal with them.

This book is for those anxious people who have many unanswered questions in their minds regarding their ailments. It also contains some practical tips such as how to adjust the insulin dose in diabetes.

4. Book: The View from the Cheap Seats; Author: Neil Gaiman; Publisher: Hachette; Price: Rs 599; Pages: 532

Drifting away from journalism, Neil Gaiman started to find truths through storytelling and sanctuary in not needing to get all the facts right.

A collection of select non-fiction, Neil Gaiman’s book will draw the readers to stories on making good art, Syrian refugees, the power of a single word and playing kazoo with Stephen King, writing about books, being sad at the Oscars and telling lies for a living. The book is more of a conversation that keeps reader engrossed within it. (IANS)



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