Bookends: Love, struggles and call center scams

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New Delhi–Read the story of a woman searching for a world where she will find love, delve into the interesting story of a desirable girl being chased by plenty of guys. Wade through the tale of a boy who discovers the peculiarities of life while battling with cancer and educate yourself about the lesser-known world of call-centre scams.

The IANS bookshelf offers a varied fare this weekend.

1. Book: The Heavens We Chase; Author: Lavanya Shanbhogue Arvind; Publisher: Roli Books; Pages: 252; Price: Rs 350

In 1920, 11-year-old Satya cycles away to Bombay after commiting an act of treachery in his Shanishingnapur village. The deity strikes but he strives to chase down his heaven — money, privilege and his life’s ambition of a turf club to avenge his ouster from a “Europeans Only” club.

Twenty years on, Satya has risen through the ranks to become the Educational Inspector of Bombay Presidency. His daughter Saraswathi sings patriotic songs in support of the nationalist movement, much against her father’s wishes.

She falls in love with the nationalist Professor Hamid. Even as she struggles for her identity and purpose, she is chasing her own heaven — a place where she will find love, acceptance and respite from cruelty.

band-baja-boys2. Book: Band Baaja Boys; Author: Rachna Singh; Publisher: Amaryllis; Pages: 201; Price: Rs 225

Twenty-year-old Binny, who is lovingly called a “happy-go-lucky” girl (happy to spend her father’s money while different fellows got lucky).

As noted by most of Manphodgunj’s male population, Binny has come of age. Who, from the queue of suitors, will bag her? Raja, who has lost his heart to her? Or the one with a government job — Tarun? Or will it be Sanskari-NRI Harsh? Or will Binny break their hearts and elope with Rahul Pandey?

This book promises to take you on the laugh-o-coaster of your life!

3. Book: The Patient Patient; Author: Tushar Rishi; Publisher: Westland; Pages: 218; Price: Rs 250

Different career choices await Sameer. To B.Tech, or not to B.Tech: That is the question. Until, that is, a lump on his knee is diagnosed as bone cancer and Sameer embarks on a journey he never imagined for himself. But in the whirlwind of hospital visits, doctors, chemotherapy, cannulas and injections, he discovers family, friends, love and hope.

Life as he knew it is transformed, while he wanders through the narrow corridors of AIIMS, Delhi, trying to search for meaning in what has happened, his place in the universe, his beliefs, and above all, himself.

Based on the author’s life, The Patient Patient is not only a young boy’s tale about cancer, it is also the story of the peculiarities of life, and his attempt to handle it with courage, dignity and humour.

4. Book: Scam to Glam; Author: Gaurav Bhardwaj; Publisher: TimesGroup publishing; Pages: 139; Price: Rs 300

Poor grades, bickering in the family and troubled adolescence leaves Kushagra to fend for himself. A person of high moral values, he bags a job in a BPO in Delhi. Although he abhors the work culture, the burning desire to have a great life drives him to form
a partnership with his rich desi friend Pradeep and colleague Rajeev.

They set up an organisation to swindle millions of dollars out of the pockets of innocent computer users in western countries until one day when Kushagra makes a fatal mistake. He falls prey to the glitz of a glamorous world, forsaking the values imbibed — fast depleting in today’s world.

Narrating through a screenplay format, it is a story about the lesser-known world of call-center scams. (IANS)


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