Bollywood Roundup: Shweta Tripathi, Rajveer Singh, Sunny Leone, and more…

Shweta Tripathi
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Shweta Tripathi: Post Covid, I focused on regaining strength

Mumbai– Actress Shweta Tripathi says after fully recovering from Covid-19 she felt motivated and fitter. She claims this is the fittest she has been in her life, adding that she has even gone ahead and shot for two projects post recovery.

“Post Covid, it’s important not to go all-out aggressively on yourself in terms of working out. However, the right mindset needs to be there and it should be strong to stay motivated and to keep oneself fit,” Shweta said.

She added: “Personally, I focused very much on regaining my strength and increasing my immunity first. As the infection takes a toll on your immunity, I decided to first build that back and then begin to slowly work out again, and this is something I’d highly recommend to everyone who’s just recovered from Covid-19.”

Shweta currently awaits the release of two projects – “Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein” and “Escaype Live”.

“Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein” also stars Tahir Raj Bhasin while “Escaype Live” features South star Siddharth.

Rajveer Singh had a hidden collection of 150 comics

Mumbai– Actor Rajveer Singh says before he discovered his love for acting, he had already been consumed by the love for reading — especially comic books and novels.

Rajveer Singh

“Comic books and novels have played a very vital role in my life. When I was in ninth standard, I got so attracted to comics that I used to spend my entire day reading them,” shares the actor.

He recalls how his love for comics would also get him into trouble.

“This went on for almost six months and when I got the results of my pre-boards, where I clearly didn’t perform well, my mother got to know everything. At that point of time, I had almost 150 comics, which were hidden in my room at different places, so that my mother couldn’t find them. She made sure I got rid of the comics, little did she know there were a hundred more hidden!” he says.

He emphasises on the need to read. “I’m not a collector today, but I’m an actor and she has a huge smile on her face. I really feel people should read more, especially during lockdown when we have time. It will surely broaden your perspective and help you grow,” says Rajveer, who is seen as Neel in the Zee TV show “Qurbaan Hua”.

When Sunny Leone forgot her lines

Mumbai– When it comes to packing an action punch and mouthing her lines all at once, Sunny Leone was literally left dangling midway at a shoot.

Sunny Leone

In an Instagram video clip that she posted on Tuesday, Sunny is seen strapped to cable and attempting a stunt that requires her to fall vertically on a co-actor lying on the ground. The cable-aided drop just stops short of Sunny crashing into the man, at which point Sunny is supposed to say her lines.

In the clip, she is seen suspended in the air rather indecisively, when the director prompts her to say her dialogue. She starts off mouthing her lines, only to forget them midway.

“Aata majhi satakli…” Sunny wrote as caption with the tags #SunnyLeone, #bts and #OnSets, though she did not share what project she was shooting for.

Her other upcoming roster includes the psychological thriller “Shero” and the thriller series “Anamika”. Sunny also has a role in the period drama “The Battle Of Bheema Koregaon”.

Shlokka Pandit’s cat keeps her busy amid lockdown

Mumbai– Actress Shlokka Pandit has been spending a lot of time with her pet cat Luna during lockdown.

Shlokka Pandit

“Luna has brought a lot of changes in my life. I can understand things without being told. Unlike most, he is a very affectionate, calm and good-natured cat. The unconditional love he gives has enabled me to be a more compassionate and caring person,” Shlokka says.

She calls her pet an “obedient kid”, adding: “I literally can’t imagine a day without him. We are two cool buddies in a way.”

Shlokka makes a pitch for vaccination, saying: “Let’s all follow guidelines and protocols. The pandemic is far from over. Let’s get vaccinated whenever the opportunity arises.”

“We are facing an uphill task against the virus but I’m sure if we follow the protocols and take care of ourselves and others, we will definitely be able to overcome it,” added the actress, who was recently seen in the film “Hello Charlie”, co-starring Jackie Shroff, Elnaaz Norouzi and Aadar Jain. (IANS)


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