Bollywood Roundup: Salman Khan, Taapsee, Rani Mukerji, and more…

Salman Khan
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Salman Khan: Was shocked to see Aayush’s transformation

Mumbai– Bollywood superstar Salman Khan says he was shocked to see his brother-in-law and actor Aayush Sharma’s huge physical transformation from his debut movie ‘LoveYatri’ to his upcoming film ‘Antim: The Final Truth’.

From his ripped, toned body to acing the nuances of his character, Aayush imbibed the traits of Rahuliya, a dreaded yet relatable gangster, he plays in ‘Antim: The Final Truth’.

Salman, who essays the police officer who would be locking horns with Aayush’s Rahuliya, said: “I was shocked, there’s been a huge transformation from LoveYatri to Antim. He’s worked so hard in the film, that his work will be appreciated.”

Director Mahesh Manjrekar added that Aayush worked really hard on the physical transformation.

He said: “We needed a very tough looking guy. I realised this boy has a lot of passion and he’s extremely focused, he knows what he wants to do, I think he has done a brilliant job. Nobody I see in the industry today would have played Rahuliya so brilliantly and so convincingly.”

Aayush Sharma has followed a strict diet and rigorous training for months to achieve the results we witness on the screen.

Taapsee, Pratik-starrer ‘Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan?’ first look unveiled

Mumbai– The makers of ‘Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan?’ starring Pratik Gandhi and Taapsee Pannu have revealed the first look of the upcoming film.

The Junglee Pictures and Roy Kapur Films studios’s upcoming project is a comedy-drama, which brings Taapsee and Pratik together for the first time.

On playing a cop for the first time and sharing her stunning look from the film, Taapsee said: “Playing a police woman and doing a comedy film has always been on my checklist and I am happy that it is finally ticked off. I had seen Pratik’s work and I think he is a very talented actor and I am absolutely enjoying working with him.”

Taapsee will be seen playing her first comedy role as a feisty cop. Pratik will be seen in a very different avatar as the young newly-wedded scion of a ‘Masala’ magnate family. The makers have shared an exciting first look of the actors from the film from their current shooting schedule in Jaipur.

Pratik is excited to showcase the quirks of his character.

He said: “My character in ‘Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan?’ is very different from anything I have ever done before, and that is very exciting. Taapsee is super talented and I am so thrilled to be working with her. Arshad has a great vision and he has written the story with so much nuance! I am sure the audiences will love it.”

Rani reveals her daughter Adira loved ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’

Mumbai– Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji is thrilled that her daughter Adira, who had never seen any Rani starrer before ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’, has thoroughly loved the comedy film, which is slated to release this Friday.

Rani Mukerji

Rani said: “‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ is a special film for me for several reasons. Not only am I getting to play a character like Vimmy who I have loved and related to always and am working with Saif after years, but what’s giving me abundant joy is that ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ is the first film of mine that Adira has seen and thoroughly loved.

“Nothing can beat this moment for me and my career. It was amazing to see her reaction to the film and what I have done on screen.”

Rani revealed that Adira was laughing and rolling watching the “mad comedy that we have done. I’m so happy that I could make her laugh. It fills my heart with so much happiness. She had the best time and it means the world for me.

“We rarely make family entertainers today and ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ is a true blue comedy that you can take your entire family to and enjoy laughing your hearts out with them.

“It’s a quintessential Hindi film that everyone has missed for some time now and I’m confident that it will entertain audiences worldwide.”

Manav Gohil goes dark for the first time in ‘Kaamnaa’

Nov 15– Popular TV actor Manav Gohil will be playing an antagonist named ‘Vaibhav’ in the upcoming show ‘Kaamnaa’.

Manav Gohil

The show features Chandni Sharma and Abhishek Rawat in the lead roles. Manav is for the first time playing a negative character and he is quite excited about bringing a different shade of him as an actor on screen.

Manav Gohil said: “‘Vaibhav’ is an interesting yet complicated character. He is charming and ambitious but at the same time will go to any extent to manipulate people to get what he wants. This character is a complete opposite of the kind of characters I have done before.”

He added further on the reason for taking up this project, saying: “As a performer, getting a chance to play a complex personality is an extremely challenging and exciting opportunity for me, this is one reason what drew me to the role as it allows me to experiment with a new space.”

‘Kaamnaa’ is a story of middle class couple and how they try to adjust in relationship with altogether different values and thought process.

Smriti Kalra on playing a free-spirited woman in upcoming web film ‘Cash’

Mumbai– Actress Smriti Kalra will be seen in upcoming OTT movie ‘Cash’ opposite Amol Parashar.

She opens up about playing an independent and confident woman and expresses her excitement for her debut film after doing a number of television shows.

Smriti Kalra

Smriti says: “I play ‘Neha’ in the film who is a smart, independent and confident young woman. And she is someone who lives her life on her own terms. And if she wants something, she orchestrates a way to get it. She doesn’t need a helping hand from anyone.

“I have never played a character like this before. ‘Neha’ is a natural fixer and has a long list of useful contacts which she accesses at any time of the day. She’s sexy; she’s feisty and will make you believe that she’s someone you really want on your team. The only trouble is, she won’t even bat an eyelid before double crossing her foes.”

The movie ‘Cash’ is directed by Rishab Seth and produced by Vishesh Bhatt. It is based on the issue of demonetisation and how it affected people.

Sanjay Dutt’s elder daughter Trishala says no to acting

Mumbai– Trishala Dutt, daughter of Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, has passed the idea of entering the world of Hindi cinema as she said that she is “busy building” her own legacy.

Trishala Dutt

Trishala, an ardent social media user, treated her fans and followers to a question and answer session on Instagram.

A user asked her: “Do you have plans to enter into the film industry to carry on Sanjay Sir’s legacy.

She replied: “No. I’m busy building on leaving my own legacy behind.”

Another user asked Trishala about her plans of getting married, to which the 33-year-old confessed that dating at this age and day is �a disaster’.

“Ohhhhh It’s so hard lol. It’s so hard. For those of you who are single in 2021, you know what I’m talking about. And for those who have been married for 5+ years, you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.”

“Dating in this age is a disaster. An utmost disaster. There’s always someone thinking they can do better lol. I’ll get married whenever I find a proper gentleman that treats me with respect, love, and appreciation that I deserve. And of course, vice-versa. Happy wife – happy life,” she replied.

Trishala’s verified profile has over 573K followers on the photo-sharing website. She is Sanjay Dutt’s eldest child, from the late Richa Sharma.

Ashnoor Kaur talks about her debut web series ‘Pari Hun Main’

Mumbai– Actress Ashnoor Kaur talks about her debut web series ‘Pari Hun Main’, which started streaming on November 14. She is playing the lead role of ‘Pari’ in the web series.

Ashnoor Kaur

Ashnoor talks about her web debut stating: “I actually have mixed emotions, I’m obviously over the moon and nervous at the same time as it’s been a long wait. But I would say that seeing people’s reaction when I announced the release date, they were thrilled and anticipated. I’m really looking forward to it because we have worked really hard for this one. Finally, it’s releasing so I hope the audience enjoys it.”

On talking about the show and playing ‘Pari’, the ‘Patiala Babes’ actress shares: “I had an ecstatic and jovial experience working with my co-actors. Delnaaz and Jiten were really sweet. The vibe on the set was so positive. ‘Pari’ is quite an inspirational character, much similar to my character in ‘Patiala Babes’. She is a girl who desires to pursue her goals on her own terms. She isn’t preachy but sets an example for others to look up to. It is my debut series and this is actually a performance-oriented character.”

Written by Vivek Khatri, ‘Pari Hun Main’ also stars actors Delnaaz Irani and Jatin Lalwani depicting her parents while Arushi Handa will also be seen playing a parallel lead. It will be streaming on a newly-launched OTT platform WOW Originals. (IANS)


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