BJP sweeps Delhi civic polls, an endorsement of Modi’s leadership, says Amit Shah

Narendra Modi
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New Delhi–The BJP was on Wednesday set to retain the three municipal corporations in the national capital for the third term in a row, handing a humiliating defeat to the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP and the Congress.

BJP President Amit Shah on Wednesday said the party’s win in the Delhi civic polls was a vote in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three years in power and a vote against the “negative politics” of the AAP.

Shah termed the party’s resounding win in the civic polls as another public endorsement of Modi’s leadership and rule.

Narendra Modi

He said people have rejected politics of negativity and excuses, and given a clear message “they want politics of development and positivity”.

“The Modi-led BJP government has been in power at the Centre for almost three years. The message given by this government through its work has raised the acceptance level of Modiji’s leadership. This victory has only reaffirmed it,” Shah told the media at the Press Club here.

Thanking the people of Delhi for the “huge scale” of BJP’s victory, Shah said “this has gone beyond our expectations”.

The BJP chief said the Delhi verdict, coming close on the heels of his party’s success in the assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, has only taken forward the “Modi and BJP juggernaut”.

In an obvious attack on the Arvind Kejriwal government in the national capital, Shah said: “The people of Delhi have given a clear message that there is no place for negative politics and politics of excuses.

“They have given a clear message they want politics of positivity and pro-development. Through this victory people of Delhi have endorsed Modji’s rule of the last three years,” he added.



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