Bhumi learns hydroponics farming from mother amid lockdown

Bhumi Pednekar
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Mumbai– Actress Bhumi Pednekar has decided to learn the science of hydroponics farming from her mother Sumitra Pednekar during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“My mom and I always wanted to have a hydroponics garden of our own where we grow our own vegetables and can have a fully sustainable lifestyle. We wanted to have a garden to table lifestyle at home and we are both happy with the progress,” she said.

The science of soil-less gardening is called hydroponics. It involves growing healthy plants without the use of a traditional soil medium by using a nutrient like a mineral rich water solution instead.

Bhumi is also the brain behind her online and offline initiative called “Climate Warrior” through which she is raising awareness on how citizen of India can contribute to protect the climate.

“This quarantine has made me get into learning the science of hydroponics and understand the essence of what conservation of environment can truly mean. I have been working closely with my mom during this time. I’m proud that our garden can now produce food for two days of the week!”

Bhumi says she has tried to be closer to nature during the lockdown.

“And it has made me realise that we can become completely self-sustaining as a community and do our best for its preservation,” she said. (IANS)


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