Bezos won’t mind Amazon fulfillment centres on Moon

Jeff Bezos
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Las Vegas– Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who aims to colonise Moon one day, won’t mind opening Amazon fulfillment centres on the lunar surface.

What would those fulfilment centres will sell on Moon?

“I really contemplate that we start out delivering, you know, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen in small selections on the Moon to begin with,” chuckled Bezos, the richest man on Earth, in a fireside chat during Amazon’s flagship “re: Mars” event here on Thursday.

Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world.

Sharing fresh insights about his Moon colonisation plans, Bezos said Amazon is fast working on its lander called Blue Moon to reach the lunar surface by 2024.

“The Moon turns out to be a resource-rich neighbour of Earth. We know that there is water in the form of ice in the permanent shadowed craters on the poles at the Moon. That is a very valuable resource because you can learn to make rocket propellant out of it,” Bezos emphasised.

“We know so much more about the moon than we did before. For example, it takes 24 times less energy to lift a pound off the Moon than the Earth,” he added.

According to Bezos, we need to move industry to the Moon. “Earth will be zoned residential,” he told the audience.

Founder of the aerospace company Blue Origin, Bezos in May unveiled the first look of Blue Moon. The Moon lander was in development for three years. In the near future, Bezos envisions creating enormous space colonies in close proximity to Earth.

Bezos said he aims to spend billions of dollars building a network of thousands of satellites to provide cheaper broadband internet service in remote areas.

“It’s multiple billions of dollars of capex. Amazon is a large enough company now that we need to be doing things that, if they work, can actually move the needle,” he said. (IANS)



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