Bengaluru-based Subex establish IoT security lab in US

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Bengaluru– Devarabisanahalli-headquartered Internet of Things (IoT) and critical infrastructure security solutions provider Subex has partnered with the town of Florence, Arizona to establish an IoT security lab in the US.

Subex is already working on to secure the critical public infrastructure of Florence.

The IoT lab will serve to raise awareness on cyber-security issues for citizens of Florence, lawmakers, businesses and other stakeholders, the company said in a statement.

“I am confident that the lab will prove to be immensely useful in raising awareness on cybersecurity across Arizona,” said Vinod Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, Subex.

Co-founded by Subash Menon in 1992, Subex has spent over 25 years in enabling third-fourth of the largest 50 communication service providers (CSPs) globally achieve competitive advantage.

The Arizona lab will help eflect changes in the threat environment, security practices and strategies, device architecture and network changes and more to stay relevant to all stakeholders.

Subex is already providing end-to-end cyber-security to Florence to detect, repel and remediate advanced threats to its most basic and vital technological systems.

“We expect the lab will be a huge success with the young people of our community. The lab will also provide them with an understanding of how smart sensors can improve and enhance their lives,” said Brent Billingsley, Town Manager of Florence. (IANS)


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