Benefits of face scrubs for men

Priyanka Tyagi
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New Delhi– A face scrub is as essential for men as it is for women. Facial scrubs are important to keep the skin pores clean and skin problems away. Proper exfoliation is important, says an expert.

Priyanka Tyagi, cosmetologist at Skeyndor India, helps in highlighting the benefits of a face scrub for men.

Priyanka Tyagi
Priyanka Tyagi

* Residual build up: Although a face wash is great against any superficial build up, it’s not as effective at digging out the grime that’s deeper in your skin. Because of its unique formula, a face scrub can really dig down and eliminate any remaining buildup that could mar your otherwise perfect complexion.

* A better shave: Face scrubs designed for men can help prepare your skin for shaving. In turn, you will get a closer shave without the annoying side effects that can often plague men. Ingrown hairs and razor burns will become things of the past once you start using a face scrub regularly.

* Exfoliating beads: A micro fine face scrub has something that sets it apart from other cleansers — exfoliating beads. These beads help provide a deep clean you won’t find anywhere else. The feeling you experience when these beads hit your skin is sensational- there’s nothing quite like it. Try it out for yourself by picking up your men’s face scrub today.

* Acne-fighting ingredients: A face scrub features one of the strongest anti-acne weapons — salicylic acid. This ingredient can help make acne breakouts disappear quickly; your skin will never be clearer.

* Anti-aging properties: Regular use of a face scrub will help you look younger, under eye bags and fine lines will go. Although you may be tempted to use this product every day to maximize results, don’t do it. Because of its deep-cleansing properties, use of face scrub twice a week is highly recommended.



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