Bella Thorne was keen to invite aliens to Coachella party

Bella Thorne
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Los Angeles–Actress Bella Thorne is reportedly keen to invite extra-terrestrial life to her Alien Invasion party in Coachella, and she worked out exactly how she would be able to secure their invite.

Thorne is said to be using a software called Beacon in the Galaxy to “attempt to contact other life-forms in the universe”, reports

A source told New York Post’s Page Six column: “Bella will be sending a space-bound note to contact other life-forms in the universe via a new Beacon in Galaxy technology.”

However, Throne is still said to be waiting to hear back from the company at present.

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old star is very open, but she admits it has come at a price as people misjudge her.

She said: “People have this idea in their head that I’m this crazy bad party girl, or this bitchy, crazy druggie. I don’t get it, because I feel like I don’t actually put out, like … bad s***? Like, I’m honest. I’m really, really f***ing honest, and that gets me in trouble sometimes, but at the same time … Most people who meet me will apologise.

“They’re like, ‘Yo, I’m sorry, I’ve read all these things and I just had a certain image in my head of who you are.”

“And now that I meet you, I feel so bad because I realise that’s completely untrue and I should never read anything.’ The amount of f***ing people that I’ve heard this s*** from – directors, producers, studio heads. Even friends! I hear it all the time.” (IANS)



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