Asha Bhosle delivers emotional speech on 83rd birthday

Asha Bhosle
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Mumbai– Singer Asha Bhosle, who turned 83 on Thursday, has gone through many ups and downs in her life but she says the only support that she got in this world was from the public.

Asha, who has went through a lot in her life gave an emotional speech on the musical concert called “Timeless Asha” on the occasion of her 83rd birthday.

“It’s been so many years in this industry, I have spent like 72 years in this line. I sung my first song when I was thirteen years old. I started my new journey without knowing the struggles and storms that I had to face in my life. No matter what happened, I kept moving on in my life and I was determined that I would never stop,” Asha said.

Asha Bhosle
Asha Bhosle

“I was walking in my life holding hands of my three children. People used to abuse me, laugh at me but all I wanted was work. Whether I got money or not, I would always crave for work. I have never complained in my life, never cried. Nobody has seen my tears, everybody has seen me smiling. Whenever I felt like crying, I used cry under the shower,” she added.

Bhosle, who had tears in her eyes sharing the experience of her real life journey says it was only public who supported her.

“I have seen many things in life, but I kept hoping that somebody would be there to tell me that you have done a great job, you have sung so well, now you must be tired please take some rest. But I did not get anyone like that,” she said.

“The only support that I got was from public. Wherever I went, they enjoyed the music, they click selfies with me, they all love me so much because I’m like them. I am as simple as they are. You all listen to my music also and love me because of my life.”

Bhosle went through a very low phase in October 2012 when her daughter, Varsha committed suicide at her Peddar Road home.

Soon after this incident in a span of few years yet another news triggered her life was in September 2015 when her older son Hemant died in Scotland. Reportedly, he had been battling cancer for many years.

“God has been unfair with me this time. We all follow the path that’s been written by him. I do sing songs like “yeh mera dil” on the stage with a smiling face, but when I go in my car and sit all alone, I could remember only one song that is, “mera kuch saaman tumhare paas hai”, she added.

However the most inspiring and willful women assures she will be celebrating her birthday the same ways even four years down the line.

She says, “I am very sure that you all will see me here standing before you even after next four years.”



  1. It pains to know that Asha did not mention anything about her family, which has been in this business for a long time. Reading between the lines, it appears that her elder sister Lata, who had been a very successful singer and an icon in the industry did not support Asha. She also did not talk about her marriage to Bappi Lahiri. Show business people are unique in so many ways.


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