Aparna Dixit: ‘Dildaar’ will change the way people view Bhojpuri content

Aparna Dixit
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Mumbai–The right connection and a different perspective of Bhojpuri content is what makes actress Aparna Dixit very excited about her upcoming music video ‘Dildaar’.

While not revealing too much, the actress says that she connects with the song on a personal level and is sure that other people will do too.

“This music video that I am doing with Vishal Aditya Singh, we have actually shot in Banaras. It will be released very soon and is connected with my roots where we bring the taste of our kind of music. He is from Bihar and I am from UP. The song has been sung by Manoj Tiwari ji who is very famous over there.

“The music is by Vishal Mishra and I am very fond of his music. Such talented people have come together to make something nice and different and we just want the audience to accept it.”

“Bhojpuri content has this reputation that it is only for fun and in Bollywood movies, we generally see Bhojpuri lines or music in item songs and that is wrong, we are trying to give a different perspective to all of it. This music video will change the way people view Bhojpuri content. The music is amazing and we felt connected to it.

“Music videos are great to do because they are shot in a day or two. You have something to look forward to and people love listening to music as they feel connected. They are a great thing to do between shows or whenever you are not doing a full-time show,” she says.

Talking about the shoot, she says: “Banaras has a very beautiful view and I think because it was my first time in Banaras, what better reason can it be where all of us have come together. Banaras is a place that is very close to people in the North. I shot my video over there so it holds a special place in my heart now.”

The actress hopes that they are able to help more people fall in love with Bhojpuri music.

“All of us who are connected to this song are using the hashtag #bhojpuriisnotjustfun. I think it itself speaks a lot. You do see a lot of flavour and stories spoken about UP and Bihar but somehow the Bhojpuri music hasn’t really been explored till now. We want people to explore it through us. It’s a big step and we want people to love it just as we love it.” (IANS)


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