Aneesha Madhok makes singing debut in Jasbir Jassi’s ‘Dil mangdi’

Aneesha Madhok
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Mumbai– Indian-American actress Aneesha Madhok makes her singing debut in Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi’s track “Dil mangdi”. The song had a YouTube release on Thursday.

While Jasbir has sung the Punjabi lines, Aneesha has penned as well as voices the Farsi bits.

“Since I am fluent in Farsi, I thought it would be cool for me to write the lyrics in Farsi. I got some inspiration from my poems. The song has a very groovy Punjabi and middle-eastern feel to it. I’m sure everyone is going to love it and vibe to it,” she told IANS.

“The song was shot in Goa and I am happy that I get to showcase my talent as an actress, dancer, singer and writer through this music video,” she adds.

Aneesha has done theatre and stressed that her background has helped her in emoting well in all the mediums.

She says: “My background from theatre allows me to express myself as an actor, comedian, singer and dancer (ballet and kathak) which for me is all the same as my purpose is to express.”

“I did musical theatre and I believe singing is a beautiful way for me to express my emotions. I have also been writing poetry since I was 11. I am a ball full of emotions that I feel deep, so poetry is my way to give my love to this world,” she says.

The actress will make her Hollywood debut with “Bully High” soon. (IANS)


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