Ananth Mahadevan: Police brutality is a global subject now

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Mumbai– Filmmaker Ananth Mahadevan, whose film “Mai Ghat: Crime No 103/2005” is being screened at ‘Marche du Film Online of 73rd Cannes Film Festival, says that the film holds more relevance in the present time than ever, considering police brutality is a global phenomenon now.

Mahadevan’s film is based on the real-life story of Prabhavati Amma from Kerala, who lost her son Udayakumar due to police brutality in 2005.

Citing the example of the killing of African-American George Floyd by the police that took place in the US, Ananth said: “I think suddenly the rage against the police brutality has gone to its pick, a lot of protests are taking place worldwide. Whether it is in our country or in abroad, there are so many videos and news coverage we get to see on police brutality these days. Although it is not a new practice where innocents are brutalised by the police, the conversation around it has come into the forefront.”

“On the other hands, the story of my film is also of quiet rage, and the battle of a mother who has to wait for justice to be served, for her son who died owing to police brutality.”

The film features Usha Yadav as the female protagonist. It was selected for the Indian Panorama section and screened in International Film Festival in Goa last year. Usha bagged the Silver Peacock as Best Actress.

About casting Usha Yadav as his leading lady in his Marathi film, Ananth said: “Usha Yadav is a brilliant actress! In the film, she aged from the age of 25 to the age of 60 years old. With the kind of body language, expression she played the older version of the character, it is really impressive. For the rest of the characters, I cast actors from theatre because I looked for real faces.” (IANS)



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