An Exclusive With Dr. Sailaja Reddy on Building Immunity Through Diet and Exercise In Response to Coronavirus

Sailaja Reddy
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WALTHAM, MA—INDIA New England News today announced that it will release an exclusive video interview with Dr. Sailaja Reddy, MD on Friday on building immunity through diet and exercise in response to Coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

Immunity, says Dr. Reddy, is a defense system that has biological structure and process within humans that protects against diseases.

Dr. Reddy is a board certified physician in internal medicine who has developed integrative approaches to care for chronic medical conditions.

“Our body builds immunity through healthy lifestyle. Diet, genetics and environment play a major role,” says Dr. Reddy, adding that one should change lifestyle in order to build immunity.

“A diet that is nutrient rich, with low sugar, good quality protein and less processed will strengthen your immune system,” says Dr. Reddy. “The latest science suggests that being fit boosts our immune systems, and that even a single workout can amplify and improve our ability to fight off germs.”

Dr. Reddy also talks about:  What is COVID-19 virus? How is it different from seasonal flu and previous pandemics? What step you can take for possible exposure? What are the three most important cooping skills during this stressful period?

Stay tuned for the interview. If you have any question regarding Coronavirus and Indian diet, please email to: .


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