Alaya F: Nepotism is a reality

Alaya F
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Mumbai– Actress Alaya F, daughter of Pooja Bedi, says nepotism is a reality in Bollywood but insists she did not take her mother’s help to secure her debut movie.

Alaya impressed all with her brilliant debut act in the recent “Jawaani Jaaneman”. The film also starred Saif Ali Khan and Tabu.

“Nepotism is a reality and I am really glad to be spoken about. I think most people understand the idea of what nepotism is and sometimes it doesn’t come out in the right way. If you are aware, you acknowledge it, and work hard on it, everything is going to be okay,” Alaya said.

“For instance, I did not take my mother’s help while working or winning this opportunity. It was always me and my agency. I still do acknowledge and understand the fact that a name attached to you even when you choose to use it or not will give you an advantage,” she added

Looking back at her decision to act, she said: “I trained myself for four years to be sure of what I was good at. Everything has been so new and exciting for me and I have met wonderful people along the way. My teachers have contributed hours to train me and made me worthy of being a part of this movie. Honestly, my journey has been very kind to me because of the people I have met along the way. As far as my aspirations go, I want to do a lot of different work. I want to do conventional and unconventional roles which will bring diversity in what I do.”

The actress opened up about her journey in an episode of “Starry Nights GEN Y”, which is aired in India on Zee Cafe.

On her future in acting, Alaya shared: “I put a lot of pressure on myself, more than anyone else. The main thing is, I love the pressure it doesn’t bother me at all, because I have a high expectation from myself and for myself. I just really want to do good work and I would want to grow with every film I do. I want to do different things which again gets tricky. My main fears are letting myself down more than anything.” (IANS)



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