Aftab Pureval

Aftab Pureval (Photo: Twitter)
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Democrat- Running for U.S. House of Reps (OH-01)

Aftab Pureval (Photo: Twitter)

Aftab Pureval is the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, and is the first Democrat to hold this office in more than 100 years.

Aftab was born and raised in Southwest Ohio, the son of first-generation Americans. He went to the Ohio State University where he was president of the student body. After he finished his undergraduate degree he attended The University of Cincinati Law School.

After working in a private law firm Aftab became an assistant special prosecutor and helped the F.B.I. prosecute crimes against children. Aftab has also been active in the Ohio community, becoming the first man to serve on the board of the Women’s Fund. He is also on the boards of the Ohio Innocence Project, Cincinnati Union Bethel, and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. (


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