Add colour, creativity to child’s room

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New Delhi– As Children’s Day comes near, take a moment to pay attention to detail in your little one’s room. Make sure there are pleasant colours, enough light and creativity.

Neeta Chait, Co-Founder of design store Attune, suggests:

* One should only use light colours for the walls of a child’s bedroom and completely avoid harsh or loud colours. Choose from colours like baby pink, lime, light yellow and sky blue.

* Furnishings should also be chosen wisely. Look at choosing cushions, bedspreads and quilts which have inspiration of nature elements, like a cushion with embroidered animal figure or flowers or even playful objects.

* Go for paper craft hanging or wall objects which could act as a creative stimulator for the child.

* A child’s bedroom must be always filled with bright light. So make sure it has daylight in abundance. Only a combination of bright white and yellow lights should be opted for. Avoid dim lights.


Tips from Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd on giving a child’s room a makeover:

* Add some texture: Textured wall finishes in bright colours with pastel tones on surrounding walls make it easy to demarcate between study, play and other areas within smaller spaces. Dedicated corners in children’s rooms may be created by using a different colour scheme.

Textured walls (designer finishes) are the new favourites. These textures not only add more character to the room, but also bring fun and individual personality to the space.

* Choose a feature wall: Feature and accent walls are a great way to add colour to a space and experiment with smaller doses of brighter and bolder hues. Accent walls can also help you create colour flow in a room by using the same colour in fabrics, finishes, accessories and furnishings. These walls work best to take away the stress of decorating a kid’s room. Let your child choose a colour for one wall and then choose a supporting colour that you think will work well for the other walls.

* Involve the child: Consult your children when choosing colours for your home, and especially for their room, as it will make them feel involved in the process. While pink for a girl’s room and blue for boy’s room is a frequent choice, children and parents alike are open to experimenting with many more colours.

In fact, we recommend that when it comes to kids’ room paint ideas, let children create dynamic colour palettes for their rooms themselves. Tones such as lemon, lime and orange are cheerful and childlike, yet easily evolve to accommodate teen years by simply swapping accessories. Orange, deep red, dark blue and grey, though not as conventional as pink and blue, are fast picking up as children room favourites too. These should be selected keeping in mind a theme for the room, especially while buying accessories like rugs, pillows and curtains.

* Add some glitter: Consider doing up a feature wall with glitter paints to add a magical touch to the room. Bright colours can make a wardrobe or study table visually appealing. Similarly, if the walls are brightly coloured, then furniture in neutral tones should be used.(IANS)


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