Actress Taranjit Kaur: Male gaze defines female characters in films

Taranjit Kaur
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Mumbai–Actress Taranjit Kaur is set to come up with the women-centric film, Love Sex Soprano. She wants to change the face of the cinema which has narratives mainly running from a man’s perspective.

“I have been into writing women-centric poems and stories for quite some time now. I had been waiting for an opportunity to convert my words into a visual medium. A film seemed the most appropriate creative outlet,” Taranjit told IANS.

“Cinema, until recently, did not delve into a narrative that is guided by the female gaze. Most of the narratives are male-dominated and from a man’s perspective. The male gaze defines the female characters. I wanted to chart that road less travelled and explore a story from a woman’s perspective. I think it is about time that it happens. Many other women filmmakers are scripting a change, one film at a time. But we need more of our ilk in this business,” she added.

Her film revolves around a woman who is seeking love in a relationship, while the man only desires physical intimacy.

“As women, we are seldom vocal about our desires in a relationship because we have never prioritised ourselves above everyone else. It is a self-deprecating mindset that does more harm than good. The film gives priority to a woman’s desires even if it doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things in a relationship. Also, the film uncovers the concept of self-love. Women tend to love the other half of her being — a man — so much so that she forgets to love herself. Once she discovers self-love, she finds the real purpose of her being,” she shared.

“Love Sex Soprano” will be out on November 21 on YouTube. (IANS)


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