AAP Leader Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia became poorer by Rs 17,736 in 5 years, wife got richer

Manish Sisodia
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New Delhi–The value of movable assets of Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who filed his nomination papers for the February 8 Assembly polls on Thursday, has declined by Rs 17,736.

While his self-acquired immovable properties remained roughly the same as in 2015, worth of his wife’s properties increased from Rs 8.70 lakh in 2015 to Rs 65 lakh in 2020.

In the affidavit filed with the Election Commission, Sisodia, contesting again from the Patparganj seat in east Delhi, said his moveable assets were worth Rs 4,74,888 as of January 16, 2020 against Rs 4,92,624 for January 18, 2015.

The Minister for Education and Finance also said in July 2018, his wife Seema Sisodia, a housewife, purchased a property in Mayur Vihar Phase-2 at Rs 65 lakh.

In his 2015 affidavit, Sisodia had said his wife had purchased a property in Pandav Nagar in March 2008, costing Rs 8.70 lakh. Interestingly, though the AAP leader was staying in the government accommodation at Mathura Road, he used this property as his postal address in both the affidavits.

The approximate value of her self-acquired immovable property was Rs 20 lakh in 2015. In the 2020 affidavit, he said the approximate market value of the self-acquired immovable property of his wife was Rs 65 lakh.

Sisodia had stated in his 2015 affidavit that he had bought a property in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, at Rs 5.07 lakh in April 2001. The approximate market value of the self-acquired immovable property in 2015 was Rs 12 lakh.

In his 2020 affidavit, he mentioned the same property. But the approximate market value of self-acquired immovable property in 2020 jumped to Rs 21 lakh.

While he owned a Maruti Swift (a 2013 model) in 2015, he or his family don’t own any vehicle, as per his 2020 affidavit.

Also, the gold holding of Seema Sisodia remained unchanged at 50 grams. (IANS)



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