Aahana Kumra: Wish to be part of a sports film

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Mumbai–Actress Aahana Kumra wants to work in a sports film. She says, considering the physical fitness she has gained during lockdown, she is prepared to take up such a role.

“It is a good time for us to explore different characters and meaty roles thanks to the revolution in the digital entertainment space. But I think we girls do not get the chance to play characters of athletes that much. I want to play a sports star, be part of a sports film in which I get a chance for physical transformation,” Aahana told IANS.

“Sports films on women are far and few in between. In our cinema, a lot of female characters are written and projected as ‘glamorous’. I like that too, but I wish that writers and directors tap into this side of stories, too. We get to play police officers, politicians or other professionals in films and shows but portraying a sports star would be exciting. It would allow me to combine my physical fitness and skill of acting in a performance, in storytelling. During lockdown, I have gained a certain physical strength,” she added.

The actress will soon be seen in “Call My Agent!”. She was recently seen in Rohan Sippy’s sitcom “Sandwiched Forever”, which dropped in the OTT space. (IANS)



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