A. R. Rahman announces 4 Super Winners of Season 2 of ‘NEXA Music’

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Mumbai– Oscar and Grammy winning composer A. R. Rahman has announced the four Super Winners of Season 2 of ‘NEXA Music’. The second season of the music platform, which has been curated to promote aspiring Indian musicians to showcase their talent and create original international Standard English music, concluded with Gaia Meera, Hanu Dixit, Sunep A Jamir, and Inga emerging as the winners.

Gaia Meera is a Mumbai-based artiste who has captured people’s attention with her soulful voice and meaningful lyrics. Hanu Dixit also from Mumbai is a multi-talented artist who sings, writes, and composes music that is both catchy and profound. Sunep A Jamir, from Nagaland, uses his unique voice and vibrant personality to create music that is both fun and impactful. Inga from Bangalore combines eastern and western musical influences in her work, creating a familiar and refreshing sound.

Talking about choosing the best artistes, Rahman said, “India is buzzing with youth, energy, and undiscovered raw talent. We always strive to offer something distinctive and unique for the generations with each season. Since each of the individuals were so strong and talented, it was difficult to narrow the field down to the Top 4, but it was undoubtedly an amazing experience to have such amazing talents”.

The artists were evaluated based on a number of factors, including creativity, songwriting, and performance. ‘NEXA Music’ will release a special album featuring these super-talented artistes in the coming weeks. (IANS)



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