$7K rollable screen, top tech gadgets connect Joe Biden to the world

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San Francisco– US President Joe Biden is connected to the world at his White House desk via a Zoom rig with a rollable touchscreen worth $7,280 which is about six-feet tall and weighs about 56 kg.

The president tweeted the tech set-up at his White House residence, saying that “gas prices are declining at one of the fastest rates we have seen in over a decade — we’re not letting up on our work to lower costs even further”.

The Verge then decoded what it takes for Biden to reach out to the world.

“The board is a dedicated video and collaboration gadget with a 65-inch 4K screen, an integrated touchscreen and whiteboard tool, and a 12-megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom,” revealed the report.

It’s like Google’s Jamboard or Microsoft’s Surface Hub, and Neat Board’s gear works with both Teams and Zoom.

“He doesn’t appear to be using the $760 Scheduling Display or the $760 Controller, so he’s exercising some fiscal responsibility there,” it added.

The White House installed the tech setup after Biden’s inauguration as US President in January last year.

“The whole setup is impressive, with Biden looking comfortable at his desk and with the camera an ideal distance away so he looks engaged but the participants aren’t staring up his nose,” according to the report.

It suggested the US president replace one of those two desk phones with a dedicated Zoom mic, or just build one right into the desk, and into the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, so that the video conferencing participants can further hear him clearly.

Pre-pandemic, former US president Donald Trump did video conferences from a hulking rig at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, but the tech set-up was not this fancy and he preferred regular phone calls over Zoom meetings. (IANS)



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