4 Socially Distanced Date Ideas

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By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi– The Covid-19 pandemic has made dating a lot trickier, whether one is already in a relationship or is itching to meet new people. And though FaceTime dating has cut it for some time, now with the weather being all nice and things gradually opening up, many of us are wishing to actually see people in person — especially if you are totally into them.

Being in a global pandemic doesn’t really lend itself to extensive physical contact. However, discouraging touch does not have to mean discouraging romantic pursuits. Even while being distanced, couples can continue to enjoy each other’s company, albeit from a distance.

The pandemic-induced lockdown has dramatically altered how we date. Erstwhile, you would get to know your potential partner by having a glass of wine or two together in a nice restaurant. But now things are a lot different. As events unfolded in the past year, some people may have given up on the idea of dating, while others may have brightened up at the idea of flirting virtually, exhausting all their data on video calls.

Still, technology cannot take the place of good old dating in real life. And with the new guidelines, it’s again possible to see your potential date. But no matter how turned on you may be, it’s important that you maintain your distance!

Here are some innovative dating ideas for you as suggested by Gleeden users in India. Most of them are married and are speaking of their personal experience.

Cute Picnic Date

It’s the summer season and so far, the weather has been good to us, even blessing us with rains from time to time. So, go on and enjoy this time with your potential future partner by organising a nice picnic date. Prepare a menu of quick snacks that can be easily packed such as toasts, fruits or cheese. Curate a list of topics or questions that you would like to ask each other or take some nice board game along with you. Apart from this, if you wish your date to be Instagram-worthy, then go for coordinated outfits that complement each other.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring out a bedsheet, nibbles, refreshing drinks and enjoy to the hilt!

About 42.3 per cent of Gleeden users think that a picnic date is the cutest thing to do. Interestingly, 31.9 per cent of the users would like to relive their old days and would like to take along their ex’s on a picnic date while 37.29 per cent of them would like to spend some quality picnic time with the entire family.

Go Bike Riding

This is another great idea to enjoy together. Take some time and get out of the house to enjoy a long bike ride through nature together. Working up a sweat over long stretches of road will not only keep both of you healthy and improve your mood, but will also help develop a strong bond as studies have proven that exercising with your partner can elevate your emotional bond.

Bike rides can give you thrills and Gleeden users have voted in affirmation for the same as 41.7 per cent of the users think that going on long drives or bike rides can certainly lift up the relationship and can help create a longing bond. About 27.19 per cent of them also feel that bike rides can also lead to intimacy.

Watch a Movie Together — Outdoors

Whether you both are big movie buffs or not, opting for an exciting outdoor cinema night is something that will definitely work to bring the two of you close to each other. As outdoor social activities are allowed now, drive-in cinema is an idea that is fast catching up with millennials, which is surely not surprising. After all, we missed watching a nice movie on the big screen, while digging into a bag of popcorn and enjoying great company. There are themed open-air movie screenings as well that are just perfect for your date night. Bollywood Special — check. Halloween Special — check. Blockbuster Weekend — check. And a lot more!

Watching movie, holding hands, dim light.. what a romantic scenario and with popular voting it is one of the topmost liked ideas by Gleeden users as about 46.67 per cent of them think that movie dates are evergreen and for every generation!

Take a City Tour Together

As places open up slowly and gradually, very less crowd will be flocking to these spots. Take your pick and plan to meet up there. Majority city centres are much quieter now than they ever were before. So, this is a great time to see some of the beautiful tourism hotspots devoid of the crowds.

Travelling with your partner is a wholesome experience, not only you get to spend time together but you also face different situations collectively as partners and this experience is enough to stronger the ties of the relationship. Gleeden users also feel that travelling with your partner is the best medicine for most relationship based diseases as 46.34 per cent of them have voted in affirmation. Surprisingly none of them would like to take their in-laws with them on the tour.

Well, there are obviously a lot many ways that you can go on and enjoy a socially distanced date. But how you plan to do it is entirely up to you. Everything will be good as long as you keep the right amount of distance from each other and keep it outdoor. Times are unusual, so can your date be too! (IANS)



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