3 tips to overcome temporariness


By Devina Kaur

New Delhi– Everything in life is temporary. The only constant in life is change itself. That is a reality that we cannot deny. The beauty of this fact is that it allows us to confront our fears, trust the magic of the moment, and enjoy the precious gift of life. What lasts forever is our true self — the real you — the person you were born to be. If you feel stuck, trapped, boring or insecure — acknowledge yourself, find yourself and who you really are on the inside. Your shiny sexy brilliant self is there. It’s been there all along. You just need to unveil it.

It’s a very common question to ask: “Who am I?” and it’s not an easy question to answer. We might be able to give a definition of ourselves, like professional or student, or that we’re introverts or extroverts but this doesn’t really represent our true selves. We might also try to describe our best qualities and say that we’re kind and smart but again, these qualities only indicate the surface level of who we really are.

To find out who we truly are, we need to delve deeper and create something that is uniquely ours. So instead of answering the question about who we are from society’s perspective or what traits define us, it is better to answer by showing examples of what makes us the person that we are on our own.

A tree is perfectly content being a tree. It doesn’t think about becoming a chair or a birdhouse. Yet it knows how to be what it truly is. Trusting in your own true nature is sexy, brilliant, and way more fun than any comparison game because it builds beyond the temporary.

Here are 3 ways to overcome temporariness:

Invest in yourself

The most challenging thing in life is to unleash your potential, open your heart and shine. Start now by doing one thing 100 per cent for yourself — spend time in inner development, learn a new skill, do something you have been dreaming of for a long time, or go somewhere nice and take a photo of yourself, really look at yourself in the mirror. Then look straight into the eyes of the person you see in the mirror and tap into your innermost desires with a promise to yourself that you will not stop until you have achieved your dreams and wishes. Focus on your career, be willing to be flexible with your time and desires and allow your needs and passions to change over time.

Discover your true self

Discovering your true self is not easy. To do this, introspection is required. There are many ways that you can take the time to explore who you are, but it is important to find your passion and drive. Spend time being still and silent and using that time to get to know who you are. Once you know who you are, you can then practice radical self-acceptance. Through self-acceptance, we can have more self-love for ourselves. I have been lucky enough to know and love as my true self for so long. I have found the journey this year to be more meaningful than any other year in my life because it has given me the chance to explore who I am and what I am really passionate about. Don’t forget to practice self-care and health, set boundaries, start knowing and accepting yourself, as self-acceptance leads to more self-love.

* Be kind to yourself: People often neglect themselves and fixate on their imperfections. This can lead to low self-esteem, self-doubt, and other negative thoughts that worsen the mental and spiritual senses. It is important that we maintain our own well-being even if it means doing things that we might not enjoy or feel like doing at first. This includes eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, exercising, spending time outside in nature, reading a book, etc. I connect to the Earth and embrace my inner child by walking barefoot whenever I can. When you reach a stage of youth, you start to gain a clear vision of how you want your future to be like.

The most successful people are the ones willing to learn new skills and unlearn their old conditioning! Don’t forget to practice self-care and health and set boundaries. It starts with self-knowledge and self-acceptance, as self-acceptance can lead to more love. Remember that the journey to self-love is love itself. Your life has just begun, if you make the most out of it, your personal development becomes the best version of itself. (IANS)


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